Are You Being Robbed By a Silent Thief?

Are You Being Robbed By a Silent Thief?
Most of us think of robbery as theft by bad guys who come in and steal our stuff, not by some silent invisible ‘force’ out there,
so we carefully
store our valuables behind lock and key, in vaults and safes.

In addition to robbers we can see, there are invisible thieves all around us. Moisture, oxidation, and corrosion all affect the condition and monetary value of coins & collectibles.

Sadly, the value of this beauty was greatly reduced by incorrect (damaging) storage.

Sadly, the value of this beauty was greatly reduced by incorrect (damaging) storage.

Are your coins or valuables stored correctly? If they are not, then moisture, oxygen, chemicals & corrosives in the air will slowly damage them.

Do you keep your valuables on open shelves? Then exposure to air will quietly deteriorate them.

Many people realizing the dangers of 'loose', uncontained coins are careful to store valuables in commercial holders and containers.

Yes, holders are important, but the right kind of holders, not just any holders.

For example, vinyl can leach chemicals that eat into metal, such as coins, causing condition deterioration labelled "environmental damage."

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As Coin Appraisers & Specialists, more often than we'd like, people bring us old collections that have been improperly stored and as a result have a tremendous monetary loss.

Imagine how you’d feel if you had a rare coin when in excellent condition for it's grade is worth $14,000 only to find out it graded as having ‘environmental damage’ resulting in a greatly reduced value of $7,000.

Well, just last week, this is exactly what happened !

1856 Flying Eagle Env Dmg-O3 (1).jpg

This damage and resulting loss of investment value could have been prevented had the coins been properly stored.

Discussing the frustration of this real monetary loss, we thought it was time for a newsletter focusing on NumiSafe.

Since the 1980’s, Goldenberry Coin has made it an ongoing practice to store coins & other valuables correctly so that deterioration & damage would be avoided & investments safely guarded.

NumiSafe is so easy to use – just open it's sealed plastic bag & put your NumiSafe pillow in your enclosed storage space. That’s it!

NumiSafe comes in 2 sizes, so pick the size that’s right for your storage areas.

Non-damaging storage is so important to long term investment value. If you are interested in more information, please let us know.

We would be happy to discuss your storage conditions.